Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my oldest son Jordan's 4th birthday. Seriously, where does the time go??! They really truly do grow up too fast.

Yesterday we took him to the zoo to celebrate. I didn't have the energy to throw a party and figured this would be much more rewarding for about the same amount of money. We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo and I am thoroughly impressed. Connor was free, of course, but to get tickets for the rest of us, train tickets for everyone, parking, 3 meals, a souvenir, letting Jordan feed the giraffes and gas was UNDER $200!! You can't beat that at all. Then today we just did cake and ice cream and presents here at the house. Very relaxing. I hate the stress that birthday parties cause. All these people in my house, destroying it, eating food that *I* paid for. And then *I* have to clean it all up. No thank you! lol

So all in all I think it was a great birthday for my baby boy. Now to stress about planning Connor's 1st!

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