Saturday, January 7, 2012

Window Shopping makes me anxious...

After Jeremy graduates in May, he'll get a full time job while we wait on a decision from the Navy, and we will be moving back into our own place. Definitely a rental, but hopefully a house :) When we moved out of our place last summer, we sold/gave away everything except the boys' bunk bed, so we will need to buy all new. We did this because 1) we did not want to have to store it all and 2) everything we had was used even before we got it. Our bed I got off Freecycle when I was still with my ex, our couches we paid a whole $100 for the pair, our dining set (I use that loosely) was a thoughtful hand-me-down from my sister, and it was used when she got it! Plus, having only lived in apartments, we didn't have a fridge or washer and dryer at all. So, we'll be saving for the next several months to purchase a whole new house of goodies! Today we went to shop around to see what we want and get an idea of where our price point is, that way we know how much we need to be saving.

It's exciting because we will have nice, good quality items that match and that WE picked out and no one else has used before! The thought of spending that much money is a little nauseating lol But, at least we are planning ahead. And, depending on what they can offer us, we may do one of their no interest financing options and then pay it off using the savings. This way we're building more credit too.

I'm excited for the next several months to pass so we can get back into our own space and get our lives started again! :)

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